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Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies claim to be watching out for your needs. They pitch their products as providing peace of mind in the face of uncertainty, and their advertisements invoke images of a protective big brother who is there for you when things go wrong. Unfortunately, when things do go wrong, the first thing they do is look for a way to deny the claim. Rather than receiving peace of mind, many consumers find themselves all alone in their time of urgent need, or embroiled in a coverage dispute with the very company that was supposed to protect them. When an insurance dispute first arises, it is hardly a fair fight. An individual or business policyholder has very little chance of success against a big insurance company with vast resources and a stable of high-paid attorneys. At the Brady Law Group, we not only level the playing field, but also give you the advantage. We provide tough, experienced representation for individuals and businesses in any type of insurance coverage or bad faith dispute.

Steven J. Brady spent the first few years of his legal practice representing big insurance companies. He learned their tactics and knows how they investigate, process and litigate claims. This insider’s knowledge has served him well in his current practice, where he has spent more than two decades representing policyholders who have been treated unfairly and unlawfully by their insurance companies. Mr. Brady also regularly speaks to groups of attorneys throughout California regarding insurance coverage and bad faith issues. The Brady Law Group has successfully brought actions against most of the large personal and commercial insurance companies in the United States, including State Farm, Farmers, All State, AAA, Provident, Equitable, National Union and many more.

When an insurance company unreasonably delays or denies a valid claim, unjustifiably refuses to defend a policyholder, disputes a covered loss or otherwise fails to honor the terms of a policy, the Brady Law Group is there to help. We have a well-earned reputation as a top-flight plaintiff’s trial law firm that has the experience and resources to take a complex insurance case all the way to trial and win. We have a large network of insurance professionals and experts who help us evaluate claims and gather the evidence we need to present a persuasive case to judges and juries. Unlike many plaintiff’s law firms that rarely see the inside of a courtroom, the Brady Law Group is a real and credible threat to big insurance companies.

If you or someone you care about has been treated unfairly or unlawfully by an insurance company, contact the Brady Law Group for a free, confidential case evaluation today.

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