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Six Victims In Fatal Fresno Bus Accident File Suit Against Greyhound
Sacramento, Calif. – Six victims who were hurt in last week’s fatal Greyhound bus accident filed a lawsuit today with the Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento. The suit alleges that the driver of the Greyhound bus involved in the crash did not fulfill his duty to transport the passengers safely, and that the company should be held responsible for damages to those who were injured or killed in the crash and their families. Because the California Highway Patrol MATE investigation has not been completed, in an abundance of caution the lawsuit is also naming the other two drivers involved in the accident. The plaintiffs are represented by Steven J. Brady of the Brady Law Group and Craig M. Boeger of the Scranton Law Firm.

The accident occurred on northbound Highway 99 in Fresno at approximately 2:00 a.m. on July 22nd, 2010. According to eye witnesses, visibility was severely impeded by dense fog and the driver of the Greyhound bus was traveling in the inside lane, which is typically reserved for fast-moving traffic. When the driver came upon a stopped SUV that was on its side on the freeway, he lost control of the bus and hit both the SUV and forced another vehicle off the road. The driver and two passengers in the SUV were killed, as were the bus driver and two of the bus passengers. Dozens of other Greyhound passengers suffered injuries, some of them very severe.

“As a common carrier – that is, a private company that transports members of the public for a fee – Greyhound is held to the highest standards of safety,” said Steven J. Brady, Principal Trial Lawyer at the Brady Law Group. “Regardless of what was happening with the other vehicles involved in this accident, the bus driver had a duty to drive with excessive caution.”

Under California law, companies that qualify as common carriers are held to the highest duty of care to passengers. Greyhound employees have a legal obligation to act with as much caution as feasible when transporting members of the public.

“Cautious drivers know to always anticipate road hazards, particularly when visibility is limited because of weather conditions or simply because it is dark out,” commented Craig M. Boeger, Managing Attorney at the Scranton Law Firm.

Of the six passengers who have joined the suit at this time, most have suffered orthopedic and head injuries. Two of the plaintiffs are young children, who continue to experience severe emotional distress in addition to their physical injuries.

“What started as a simple trip from L.A. to my home in Sacramento has turned into a life-altering nightmare,” said passenger and plaintiff Maurice Campbell. “I now have extreme difficulty walking due to an injury to my Achilles tendon and one of my shoulders is causing me extreme pain. The doctors haven’t figured out yet what they will need to do to get me back on track.”

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