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If Your California Roof Insurance Claim is Denied After a Wildfire

Natural disasters are known for causing serious damage to a home in many ways, sometimes completely destroying homes and businesses from the ground up. Natural disasters can also cause serious harm to the roof of a home, which is known to be one of the major pieces of a home that protects it from harm. […]

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Receiving Damages for Permanent Injuries After the Camp Fire

Many of the wildfires that we experience in California happen due to somebody’s recklessness and carelessness. These incidents sometimes happen because of illegal fires that teens and adults start in the forests that were not properly put out, or when lightning strikes a certain area. The California Camp Fire took place when PG&E failed to […]

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Why So Many Lives Were Lost in the California Camp Fire

The California Camp Fire was heralded as the deadliest, most destructive, and costliest of all wildfires in California history, taking 85 lives and causing injuries in and property destruction to the lives of many. In the beginning days of the Camp Fire, 1,300 names were on a list of those who were missing, and many […]

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I Believe My Insurer is Acting in Bad Faith Concerning My Camp Fire Claim

The moment you sign on with an insurance company, you expect that they will take care of you and support you after something drastic has happened and caused turmoil in your life unexpectedly. In the tragic event of a wildfire, you expect that your insurance company will help you compensate for a variety of aspects […]

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Scams to Watch Out for Following the California Camp Fire

You might have heard many similar stories over the past few months following the California Camp Fire: A California woman was charged after she allegedly lied about the existence of a husband who was a “firefighter” so that she could raise money to go toward crews battling wildfires. The woman used a social media scam […]

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