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The Brady Law Group has a statewide practice representing plaintiffs in a wide range of civil matters. In addition to representing policyholders in direct actions against insurance companies, we also handle cases involving catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death and products liability claims, auto, truck, motorcycle, aviation and cruise ship accidents, corporate whistleblowers, sexual molestation and medical negligence. We battle against insurance companies in every one of our practice areas and in every single one of our cases.

Sometimes a single set of circumstances, such as a serious car accident, will lead to both a negligence lawsuit against another party and a bad faith action against the plaintiff’s own insurance company. Similarly, many catastrophic personal injury cases involve circumstances where an insurer has acted in bad faith after an accident, failed to properly investigate the claim, or wrongfully delayed or denied coverage. Unlike many firms, the Brady Law Group has the legal expertise and financial resources to simultaneously handle both cases for a client.

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