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Damages In Insurance Coverage

In most insurance bad faith or coverage disputes, the successful plaintiff will be entitled to receive full payment for the delayed or denied claim, along with certain other damages depending on the facts of the case. In some cases, punitive damages will also be available. Punitive damages are a very good way to force an insurance company, and the industry as a whole, to change their practices thus protecting policyholders and the public from future harm. Simply put, if you hit them where it hurts — the balance sheet — they have an incentive to change their ways.

The California Department of Insurance can also take action against an insurance company to enforce the regulations stated in the California Insurance Code. However, the department of insurance cannot force an insurance company to pay a valid claim. Also, due to limited resources, the department rarely takes action to enforce the provisions of the Insurance Code. If you have been wronged by an insurance company, the best way to seek justice is to contact the Brady Law Group.

All consumers and policyholders must understand that legal claims related to insurance coverage and bad faith disputes are subject to strict statutes of limitation. Statutes of limitation are laws that limit the amount of time a plaintiff has to file a lawsuit. If the suit is not filed within the time allowed, it will be forever barred and the plaintiff will not be entitled to recover damages for the harm he or she suffered. Do not let this happen to you. Contact the Brady Law Group and speak with one of our experienced California attorneys immediately if you have any type of potential legal claim.

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