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Head Injuries & Causes of Head Injuries

Head injuries can be extremely serious or even life threatening. Head injury lawsuits are often quite complex and present many challenges to attorneys. At The Brady Law Group, we have the knowledge, experience and medical sophistication to handle any type of head or brain injury case. We have been representing plaintiffs in catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death and products liability cases for over two decades and we can help you too.

Causes of Head Injuries

Head injuries can occur in a variety of ways. Many head injuries result from car, truck, motorcycle, aviation, construction, and cruise ship accidents. Other common causes of head and brain injuries include collisions during recreational sports activities and violent physical assaults.

In many accident cases it can be difficult to ascertain exactly what caused the plaintiff’s head injury. This type of investigation will need to be performed by experienced professionals because there are several different possibilities. In car accident cases, for example, head injuries are frequently caused, in whole or in part, by defects in the design or manufacture of the vehicle or one of its component parts, i.e. the seat belts, tires, or airbags. It is very difficult, if not impossible for the ordinary consumer to determine whether their head injuries were caused by one of these defective products.

If you believe that a defective automobile or component part caused or contributed to your head or brain injuries, please contact our office. We will give you a free case evaluation and help you understand all of your legal options.

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