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Injuries From Aviation Accidents

Injuries from aviation accidents can range from minor cuts and bruises to catastrophic injuries or death, depending on the circumstances of the accident. When serious aviation accidents occur, such as collisions, catastrophic personal injuries frequently follow, including severe burns, neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries, head injuries and brain injuries.

Less severe personal injuries can also occur due to falling luggage, turbulence or unsafe airport facilities. Many people are at risk of injury when an aviation accident occurs. Of course, those inside the aircraft such as the pilots, crew and passengers are in the most immediate danger. However, aviation accidents can also injure people on the ground such as visitors to air shows, airport crews, emergency responders and others who are struck by falling debris or caught in post-accident fires or explosions.

The recent tragedy near San Diego, California, demonstrates the potential danger aviation accidents can pose to the general public. In December 2008, a military F-18 fighter jet returning from a training mission off the California coast crashed into a heavily populated residential area in University City, California. Four people on the ground were killed, including a mother, grandmother and two small children. The pilot safely ejected but was injured and later rescued from a nearby tree. Both engines in the supersonic jet failed prior to the crash that damaged or destroyed five homes in the neighborhood about two miles from the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station at Miramar, California. As civilian and military air traffic increases, the frequency of this type of tragedy will also increase.

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