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Nursing Home Injuries

Sacramento Nursing Home Abuse Litigation

Alarming statistics show a quickly spreading nationwide panic over the instances of nursing home abuse and elder abuse. The numbers show us that there are more than 1300 nursing homes and other residential care facilities for the elderly in California, and 30% of those have been cited for instances of some type of abuse. This shocking number tells us a serious problem exists, and every person who has suffered from this abomination, and their families, deserve compensation for the atrocities committed by the facility staff

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in Sacramento and Surrounding Cities

Now that you are aware of these facts, you should take action immediately. If a loved one is a victim of involuntary seclusion, mental or psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or verbal abuse you should speak with a Sacramento nursing home abuse lawyer today at The Brady Law Group. We will handle all of your legal needs, including a free consultation with a nursing home abuse lawyer. If you suspect that a loved one is being harmed, abused, or mistreated as a result of nursing home abuse or nursing home negligence, retain the professional services of a nursing home abuse lawyer at the Sacramento law offices of The Brady Law Group. An attorney is the best way for you to get justice for your loved one

There are certain warning signs that can indicate nursing home abuse has and/or still is occurring. Some residents may not even be able to communicate that nursing home abuse is occurring due to physical or mental limitations. If there are any signs or indicators that nursing home abuse is present, immediate action should be taken.

1. Unexplained bruises, cuts, burn, sprains, or fractures in various stages of healing
2. Bedsores or frozen joints
3. Unexplained venereal disease or genital infections; vaginal or anal bleeding; torn, stained, or bloody underclothing
4. Sudden changes in behavior
5. Staff refusing to allow visitors to see resident or delays in allowing visitors to see resident
6. Staff not allowing resident to be alone with visitor
7. Resident being kept in an over-medicated state
8. Loss of resident’s possessions
9. Sudden large withdrawals from bank accounts or changes in banking practices
10. Abrupt changes in will or other financial documents

If you are in the Sacramento area and you suspect your loved one is a victim of Nursing Home Abuse or Elder Abuse, don’t wait another minute call or click to speak with an experienced nursing home/elder abuse litigation lawyer at The Brady Law Group. You won’t be sorry you did.

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