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Statistics show the earlier you contact a lawyer, the higher the compensation will be for losses. If you or a loved one has been injured as a pedestrian in Sacramento, you’re going to need an experienced pedestrian accident attorney to start gathering all of the facts about your accident as well as contacting any witness to your accident. An experienced attorney in this area of law should be able to fully recover losses and obtain fair compensation for any harm, injuries, distress, medical costs, loss of earnings, and other damages or expenses resulting from your injury. The Brady Law Group presents cases for deceased loved ones who have not survived their injuries due to someone else’s negligence. When you choose a lawyer at the Brady Law Group, you will be going into court with a huge advantage. The lawyers at the Brady Law Group have a stellar reputation for aggressiveness and very high rates of success in California pedestrian personal injury. During your free consultation, your lawyer will go over all of your legal options with you in terms that you can understand, based on the strength of your case and the amount of evidence.

There are endless reasons why pedestrian accidents cause injuries in the Sacramento area; however, the majority of pedestrian accidents occur because of the actions of the pedestrian. Drivers who violate other laws at the time of the accident, like speeders or reckless drivers, can be held responsible for the entire accident due to negligence.

No dollar amount can be placed on the lives and well-being of your loved ones, but you do have to ensure that you will be awarded a large enough settlement to cover all of the damages incurred. Our pedestrian personal injury attorneys will aggressively pursue no less than full compensation for you and your family. You must consider the possibility of a lengthy recovery, which may involve multiple operations and/or years of rehabilitation, not to mention the psychological effects associated with such traumatic personal injuries.

If you have decided to pursue a lawsuit against a driver of a vehicle that has hit you, or a loved one, you should first speak with one of our personal injury specialists about your legal options. California personal injury law is designed to protect those affected by the negligence, recklessness or inaction of others. Also referred to as “tort law,” it encompasses a wide range of legal claims, including auto accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, wrongful death and workers’ compensation. Contact a Sacramento pedestrian injury lawyer now to discuss your case.

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