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Sacramento, CA – Tow Truck Driver Missing After Accident on Pioneer Bridge on Highway 50

Sacramento, CA (March 27, 2019) – Rescue crews in Sacramento are working on locating a tow truck that was sent off the Pioneer Bridge and into the Sacramento River following an accident with a big rig.

The crash happened around 8:00 p.m. Tuesday on Highway 50 westbound, west of Interstate 5. According to CBS Sacramento, the tow truck driver, Shalvin Sharma, was driving with his wife, Roselyn Sharma, when they collided with the big rig. The impact sent Sharma’s truck over the side of the bridge at a place that local news noted is the bridge’s highest point.

According to local media, the truck was found on Wednesday morning approximately 30 feet underwater.

Sacramento Fire Department Battalion Chief Rusty Van Vuren noted on Tuesday evening that the likelihood of anyone in the tow truck being found alive is low. Recovery efforts to bring the truck to the surface are underway.

The tow truck was located after local police, the California Highway Patrol, and Sacramento Fire Department’s Accident Rescue Team reported to the Sacramento Maria Tuesday night.

Further details are unavailable at this time.

Our prayers are with the Sharma family during this challenging time.

Accidents on Bridges in California

With over 2,000 miles of rivers, as well as bays, delta regions, and other bodies of water, bridges are common in California. Unfortunately, bridges pose dangers for drivers due to several factors.

First of all, bridges rarely have shoulders. If an accident occurs, there is little to no room for a driver to pull over. Secondly, issues such as speeding and distracted driving become much more dangerous on bridges. If a car breaks down, drivers who are not paying attention may not have time to lower their speeds. This is what makes multi-vehicle pile-ups common on bridges.

Driving on bridges requires attention and care from everyone on the road. If you have been hurt in an accident on a bridge or in a tunnel, you need the skills of an attorney with knowledge of this unique type of case. Call the Brady Law Group at 866-478-6483 for a free consultation with one of our accident attorneys.

Note: Outside sources were used in the creation of this post, including news bulletins and first-hand accounts of the accident and injuries involved. As a result, the details of the accident presented have not been independently verified by our own writing staff. If you have identified any false information in the story, please inform us immediately, and we will adjust the posting to reflect the most accurate content available.

Disclaimer: As a member of the local community, we at Brady Law Group strive to improve the overall safety and quality of life for everyone who lives in our beloved state. We are extremely saddened by these accidents but hope that, through an awareness of these dangers, those in our community will take precautions to avoid these accidents. This is not a solicitation for business, and this information should not be misconstrued as medical or legal advice. We wish only the best and quickest recovery to all those involved in the accident.

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