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Sexual Molestation Attorney, San Francisco

Sexual abuse or molestation of a child is one of the most heinous and monstrous acts a person can commit. The victims of child sexual abuse suffer enormous mental, emotional and psychological traumas that can leave them scarred for life. The Brady Law Group has extensive experience helping both child and adult victims of this illegal and immoral conduct. We will aggressively pursue civil claims anywhere in California against abusers, as well as those who were complicit in the abuse or concealed it after it occurred. Our team of dedicated, compassionate professionals can help the victims of sexual molestation get the counseling and therapy they need as well as the compensation they deserve.

Sexual molestation, abuse and battery are serious crimes that require the immediate involvement of law enforcement officials. These offenses justifiably carry significant criminal penalties including long-term incarceration and fines. What many people do not realize, however, is that the victims of sex crimes can also seek justice in the civil court system. At the Brady Law Group, we will fight for the rights of sex crime victims in civil court and make the perpetrators, and their silent accomplices, pay for the harm they have caused.

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