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The Investigation into the Camp Fire: What You Should Expect

This week, information was released in California about the Tubbs Fire of 2017, which quickly became an extremely serious and costly wildfire but still trailed behind the damage of the Camp Fire of 2018. It was discovered that the Tubbs Fire was started by a private electrical system. Though the Camp Fire investigation could lead in many directions, there is a good possibility that the Camp Fire will be blamed on PG&E. If PG&E is held liable, there is a good chance that they will need to be able to figure out how they will pay for the many damages that have resulted from the fire such as the influx of injuries, wrongful deaths, and thousands of homes that burned to the ground.

Unfortunately, there is no true cause of the Camp Fire that has been released as of yet. At this time, information has been released that points to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, who has been working laboriously and using many resources to discover liability in this serious case. At this time, they are looking at one main cause: Electrical equipment that was owned and supposedly maintained by PG&E. The fire might have started at a tiny town known as Pulga, according to various employees who claimed that they saw the initial beginnings of the fire as it started to wreak havoc on entire towns.

In the end, it is expected that PG&E will claim bankruptcy for their role in the accident if they are absolutely deemed liable. From there, many people might wonder how they can move forward with their claims and might fear that they will never receive the compensation they deserve in the midst of their claims.

What Happens During the Investigation?  

The Investigation into the Camp Fire: What You Should ExpectAfter a wildfire has wiped out a town, investigators are sent out after the fire has been contained. Some of the ways that areas are deemed safe is after officials have taken a closer look at the fire patterns and conditions of certain areas that were struck the hardest, as well as monitoring the weather in the area and taking a closer look at the debris that has been left behind. Preserving the wildfire scene from the moment it begins is one of the most important aspects of these investigations.

Investigators who are trying to pin liability will treat the scene of a wildfire as a crime scene. Officials want to treat these scenes with care so that nothing is disturbed and the investigation is not lost from the very start. The investigation can become quite the time-consuming process, which means that those who are most in need of compensation might have to wait quite a few months until the investigation is complete.

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