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Why Was the Impact the Camp Fire Left on California so Huge?

Across California, many people have been feeling the devastating impact of the 2018 Camp Fire, which left many people injured, dead, and property lost due to outright negligence.

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The Role of Punitive Damages if You Have Suffered Losses Due to the Camp Fire

Attorneys across all of Northern California are now helping many clients move forward with wrongful death claims and personal injury lawsuits against PG&E due to the devastating 2018 Camp Fire.

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2018 Camp Fire: What Happens if a Company Can’t Afford the Payout?

Following the 2018 Camp Fire, many people are still suffering extreme losses associated with the incident that caused devastation across California.

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If You Have Lost a Loved One to the Devastating 2018 Camp Fire

In November, many breakthroughs took place regarding the 2018 Camp Fire, especially for those who have lost loved ones in this horrific incident on behalf of the negligence of PG&E.

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Is a Class Action Lawsuit the Best Response to the 2018 Camp Fire?

Thus far, the November 2018 Camp Fire has displaced tens of thousands of people from their homes, killed almost 100 California citizens, and caused injuries to many more.

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