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Is a Class Action Lawsuit the Best Response to the 2018 Camp Fire?

Thus far, the November 2018 Camp Fire has displaced tens of thousands of people from their homes, killed almost 100 California citizens, and caused injuries to many more. Since then, an investigation found that unsafe electrical infrastructure is the cause of the incident, which had been owned and maintained by the PG&E Corporation. Plaintiffs are now fighting for their rights following this event of total devastation with a 50-page lawsuit that outlines the negligent acts of PG&E and alleges that they knew the system was aging and vulnerable given the wrong type of weather, and that they could have prevented this entire event.

Now, attorneys are referring to the lawsuit as a ‘class action’ where many different attorneys have joined together to help plaintiffs gain compensation they are owed from the traumatic event that stole homes and land away from many, took lives, and caused many more to be hospitalized. The lawsuit even states that the company’s actions and inactions ‘resulted in the deadliest and most destructive wildfire’ that has ever occurred across the entire state of California. This lawsuit is a hopeful ray of light in the eyes of many who have suffered such losses, especially to those who have lost somebody close to them during the Camp Fire. At least 88 have lost their lives thus far and at least 25 are still missing and unaccounted for.

With so many powerful forces teaming up to help victims receive the damages they are owed from this event, you may wonder if a private or class action lawsuit will help you and your family achieve the results you deserve in your case.

The Benefits of a Class Action

It's a Class Action Lawsuit the Best Response to the 2018 Camp Fire?

In the right types of cases, you might find that class action lawsuits are actually some of the best cases to become involved in, especially when you are standing up against a large corporation who owes huge settlement numbers to everybody involved. In the event of a class action, attorneys work together to make a claim worthwhile and ensure that all parties involved receive an amount that is fair to them so that they can move forward. In especially negligent cases as these, many people tend to join in on the class action so that they don’t have to stand alone during this traumatizing and desperate time.

It is widely known that, when too many individual claims are filed instead of plaintiffs who decide to band together, the first plaintiffs who receive a judgment could funnel in too many assets from their claim and leave nothing to the rest. Standing tall together and putting up a fight with the big-name corporations and insurance companies can ensure that you are not going to walk away with nothing. Of course, reaching settlement can be a time-consuming matter in itself, but having an experienced and knowledgeable team of attorneys on your side can certainly help the process move along.

If you and your family have sustained a variety of losses due to the 2018 Camp Fire event and you are concerned about the settlement you will receive to move forward during this difficult time, the experienced help of a California personal injury attorney can help you gain momentum in your claim when you need it most. Filing a lawsuit after this type of devastation is never an easy experience but you have dedicated and compassionate help on your side.  At the Brady Law Group, we have helped our past personal injury clients receive plentiful and promising verdicts to those trying to move past the barriers an injury or fatality have left in their lives. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you at (415) 459-7300.

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