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Camp Fire Cleanup: An Expensive and Time-Consuming Ordeal

With many people suffering losses due to the catastrophic California Camp Fire, lawsuits are now being filed against PG&E, who will likely be found liable for the incident following the investigation. Many things remain on the minds of those who have been affected, such as how many will compensate for a large variety of damages […]

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What You Will Find in a Full California Wildfire Investigation

California wildfires are becoming far too common, with many of them leading to a resolution as investigators come out and survey many different aspects of these incidents. This has been the case since the California Camp Fire, which took place in November of 2018 and has caused chaotic results for many people involved. While over […]

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The Fees You Might Be Expected to Pay Associated with a Personal Injury Case

The California Camp Fire is not the first time that PG&E has been found possibly liable for a wildfire in the past and, because of this, they could be facing the high costs associated with many devastating effects of the wildfire. For instance, California worked arduously last year to help the utility company deal with […]

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How California Will Be Expected to Rebuild After the Camp Fire

California has faced some of the worst devastation due to the 2018 California Camp Fire, so much that they are unsure of exactly how they will tackle rebuilding. This is especially true for the areas that were most affected by the Camp Fire, including the town of Paradise where many lives were lost and structures […]

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Understanding the Investigation and Statute of Limitations in Regards to Filing

With many people now suffering the ill effects of the California Camp Fire, it is important to know that you have many rights under the law when it comes to your case and ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve. Thousands of victims are likely eligible for filing a claim against PG&E as they […]

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