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Camp Fire Cleanup: An Expensive and Time-Consuming Ordeal

With many people suffering losses due to the catastrophic California Camp Fire, lawsuits are now being filed against PG&E, who will likely be found liable for the incident following the investigation. Many things remain on the minds of those who have been affected, such as how many will compensate for a large variety of damages and how cleanup will occur so that many individuals and businesses can move forward with their lives.

The cleanup for the Camp Fire is one of the largest of its kind and has only started weeks ago, already bringing in millions of dollars in aid to help many rebuild during one of the most drastic times in their lives. Unfortunately, the latest in news shows us that federal emergency funds to California might be withheld, making it more difficult for cleanup efforts to take place, as these funds might have been expected to cover 75% of the cleanup costs across the state. Residents in the Butte County area, who have been most affected by the fire, are upset because they are not sure where the debris is going to be taken that litters many of the areas they called home.

The state is not only trying to find volunteers who will be able to take on these efforts, but also understand that the operation could be approximately $3.5 billion in its execution, which is by far the most expensive post-disaster wildfire cleanup that has taken place across all of California. For the communities to be rebuilt from the ground up, removal of debris has to take place and, if it cannot, this means that many individuals lose the place that they call home and tens of thousands are displaced.

Cleanup Efforts Making History 

Individuals are now saying that this is a historic cleanup because, while it is also one of the most expensive when it comes to removing debris, it also takes place simultaneously with cleanup efforts from last year’s Carr Fire, which emergency crews are just finishing up cleaning efforts on so that they can get started on the newest round of wildfire cleanup. Even just the Carr Fire alone only brought $133 million in cleanup efforts, which accounted for the nearly 1,000 structures that burned to the ground.

Camp Fire Cleanup: An Expensive and Time-Consuming OrdealOne other aspect to consider is the fact that property owners who lost everything in the devastating Camp Fire will now have to watch the remains of their homes and businesses be cleaned up and swept off. They are also hoping that crews will be able to restore aspects of their former lives as they look for artifacts that were left behind in the destruction. With all of these aspects come huge costs that the state alone should not have to account for, especially when the fire started due to the negligence of another party.

Moving Forward 

Many individuals are moving forward in a way as they file a claim against PG&E, alleging that the company is responsible for the deaths of 86 people who lost their lives, numerous personal injuries, and the loss of thousands of homes in this devastating fire that could have been prevented. If you have lost somebody close to you and are wondering how you can bring a wrongful death claim or you have received burn injuries or smoke inhalation due to the wildfire that caused so much chaos in the lives of many, we want you to understand that you have many options. At the Brady Law Group, our experienced attorneys have handled many cases like this in the past and are willing to work with you to ensure that you receive the compensation necessary to move forward. Contact us today for more information at (866) 478-6483.

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