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The Reality That Many Will Face After the Camp Fire: PTSD

The truth is, many people who are involved in a wildfire in California will suffer the serious impacts of emotional damages that are left in the fire’s wake. Wildfires are a particularly stressful time for everyone not only because of the devastation that they leave in entire cities and towns, but also due to the injuries they can cause, lives they can take, and properties they can completely destroy.

It is predicted that thousands of people are now dealing with the post-traumatic stress of the Camp Fire in California, which is the most devastating wildfire on record throughout the state. Psychologists and more are working with victims of the Camp Fire and have stated that many of the people suffering the worst psychological effects are still in a stage of shock and anxiety. Right now, those who can help are looking for those in need based on the symptoms that they are feeling. Crying is normal, while uncontrollable and constant crying is not. Anyone who might be exhibiting extreme symptoms could be going through the impacts of PTSD.

It is actually very common for people to feel emotions related to PTSD after they have experienced the chaos of a wildfire. In the beginning, it is totally normal for somebody to feel shocked and be in denial. However, in time, reactions will change based on those who experience these feelings. If the feelings worsen, there is a chance that you might be experiencing the drastic impact of PTSD. You might exhibit any of the symptoms:

  • Unpredictable and intense emotions that you can’t stop
  • Thoughts and patterns becoming affected
  • Recurring emotional reactions and “triggers”
  • Physical symptoms that come on with extreme stress

Proving the Symptoms of PTSD 

The Reality That Many Will Face After the Camp Fire: PTSDAs somebody who suffers from PTSD, you might be entitled to damages to help you through this difficult time. You might believe that your case will be cut-and-dry, as you have proof that you have witnessed a damaging event that had a huge impact on your life. However, many people enduring one of these claims will find that it might not always be as easy as it seems. PTSD is more than just feelings of anxiety and reminders of a specific moment in time. It is instead a psychological disorder that might require expert witness testimony, medical evidence, and more.

Because it is difficult to show that you are going through PTSD, you might need the experienced help of an expert witness who has qualifications to diagnose PTSD and give you a diagnosis so that you can move forward with your claim. The expert will have the duty of explain the requirements of diagnosing PTSD and whether or not you show the symptoms of PTSD after being involved in this wildfire. The more credible sources you have on your side showing that you are exhibiting these signs, the better your chance of being taken seriously if you bring your claim.

At the Brady Law Group, we understand how difficult it can be to face the psychological impacts of a wildfire. Our experienced wildfire attorneys have handled many cases in the past for those who suffered due to California wildfires through the emotional and physical effects that can result. We want to help you file your lawsuit following the Camp Fire and work toward results you deserve in your desperate time of need. Contact us for more information on how we can help today at (866) 478-6483.

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