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For Those Who Have Suffered Burn Injuries Due to the Camp Fire

With one of the largest wildfires known to all of California currently wreaking havoc on a wide variety of towns and cities, many people are facing the reality that damages are imminent. Unfortunately, many homes have currently been lost in the devastation and lives have been taken from many as well. However, many others are suffering the effects of life-changing temporary or permanent injuries, one of the most common being burns from the traumatic fire.

An unknown amount of individuals have been suffering injuries, both civilians who experienced the fire in their own backyards and firefighters who have been sent on rescue missions in a wide variety of small towns and cities. With over 90 people losing their lives and thousands upon thousands becoming injured, many more are coming forth with lawsuits against PG&E so that they can recover through all of this unexpected suffering that could have been prevented at the hands of the major corporation.

In one such case, an 80-year-old man was hospitalized with severe burns from trying to douse out flames that had completely consumed his vehicle on his property. He was hospitalized for several weeks and sadly just passed away this past week due to his injuries. Many other elderly victims and victims of other ages are being hospitalized and losing their lives due to burns caused by the fire. If you or somebody you love has been hospitalized with burns, you might have questions about how severe these injuries can be and how you or your loved one can recover.

How Burns Cause a Serious Impact on Your Life

For Those Who Have Suffered Burn Injuries Due to the Camp Fire

Burns are actually a common injury, but tend to happen in small settings such as your kitchen or while working on a vehicle – not to be expected in large wildfires that span across entire counties. Burns cause severe skin damage that actually kill off affected skin cells, causing serious health consequences to many and requiring emergency medical care.

There are four types of burns, from first-degree to second, third, and fourth-degree burns that depend on how serious the burn event was. First-degree burns tend to cause reddened skin, while fourth-degree burns can extend well beyond the skin and directly impact the tendons and bones. These injuries can be painful and have a major impact on your life, as more serious burn events are likely to cause the need for surgeries, could impact your skin function, and could leave scarring that will follow you through life. For those who receive the highest degree burns in the Camp Fire, they could experience aspects like blood loss, shock, and serious and life-threatening infections.

If you have received burn injuries due to the negligence of another party, you might be able to compensate for a wide variety of aspects such as medical bills, lost wages from missed work, pain and suffering damages, loss of consortium, and more in relativity to your case. At the Brady Law Group, our experienced attorneys who have handled personal injury and wrongful death cases in relation to the 2018 Camp Fire, are willing to extend a helping hand and stand by your side if you have been affected by the negligence of PG&E like many others. Experiencing severe burn injuries can have a huge impact on the way you live your life and we don’t want you to have to stand alone at this time. Contact us for more information on how we can help at (415) 459-7300 so that we can get started.

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