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How Long is the Claim Process Expected to Take in Regards to the Camp Fire?

When you have been injured or lost somebody you love in an accident, time is of the essence. Suffering a variety of damages might put you in a desperate financial situation as you struggle with many other aspects of your case. Those who have suffered the devastating effects of the California Camp Fire patiently await […]

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California Firefighters Among Those Injured in Camp Fire

We have discussed many people who were at particular risk for injuries and even death in the California Camp Fire event, such as children and elderly who are most susceptible to the destruction and the risks of smoke inhalation and burns. However, one more party is also at risk for injuries in these events, and […]

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For Those Who Have Suffered Burn Injuries Due to the Camp Fire

With one of the largest wildfires known to all of California currently wreaking havoc on a wide variety of towns and cities, many people are facing the reality that damages are imminent.

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Wrongful Death Claims in the 2018 Camp Fire if a Loved One Isn’t Found

We extend our sympathies to all of those who have lost somebody close to them due to the 2018 Camp Fire in California. What can you do if a loved one has not been discovered?

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Filing a Lawsuit After the 2018 Camp Fire

California continues to deal with the devastation that the 2017 Wildfire has left behind as it spread from area to area, wreaking havoc and turmoil on the lives of many, and devastating entire families.

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