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Filing a Lawsuit After the 2018 Camp Fire

California continues to deal with the devastation that the 2018 Camp Fire left behind as it spread from area to area, wreaking havoc and turmoil on the lives of many, and devastating entire families. Since November 8, 2018, when the wildfires started burning, PG&E had been the center of the focus for many people. Many victims are dealing with the aftermath the only way they know how: by fighting back and trying to piece their lives back together so that they can move forward. Many are choosing to pursue a lawsuit to help them through this difficult time.

Negligence on Behalf of PG&E

From the very beginning of what has been deemed the “Camp Fire” that spread all the way across the Sierra foothills and beyond, PG&E has made statements that the cause of the fires was to be determined. Many stayed hopeful that a cause could be found, as they lost everything dear to them in these fires. PG&E reported that it was experiencing issues with transmission lines in areas around where the blaze was first reported. Initial lawsuits have been filed since then, stating that PG&E did not uphold a duty of care that they owed to others and failed to properly maintain and repair its equipment, which very well might have led to the fires.

Because PG&E was not properly maintaining their equipment and also using infrastructure that was poor and old, this negligent conduct contributed to a statewide event that resulted in the loss of life, extensive property damages to many California citizens, and suffering in families that cannot be properly put to words.

Evidence has been pointing toward PG&E and shows that they have more than likely contributed to these serious fires by their inattention and failure to recognizethe hazards that were prevalent. Attorneys are now banding together to help those who have been seriously injured or have lost loved ones to this fire as a way to move forward. Many attorneys are choosing to partner with others to ensure that all clients receive the compensation they deserve after they have experienced one of the most difficult events in their lives and feel financially and emotionally whole once again.

Taking a Stand Against Corporate Negligence

When a corporation’s negligent actions or inactions cause catastrophic injuries or death, those affected in these serious cases have a right to bring a lawsuit for compensation that will cover aspects like medical bills, lost wages associated with time taken off from work, funeral costs to cover the loss of a loved one, and more. PG&E, in retrospect, could be held fully liable for compensating the many victims who have lost loved ones in these wildfires and to those who have sustained injuries. If a corporation realized that they could engage in certain actions to keep this devastation from happening, they should have taken every step to ensure the safety of others.

In your case, you will need an experienced attorney who can show that the negligence occurred because a company failed to engage in proper practice and an accident resulted. Bringing a lawsuit against a large corporation might be one of the most complicated and frightening things that you have ever done, which is why you need a team of legal advocates on your side who are willing to be your voice during this difficult time. At the Brady Law Group, our experienced team of attorneys are experts in many aspects of personal injury and wrongful death law and will ensure that you are fully compensated after you and your family have experienced reckless actions at the hands of a company. We have aided in helping a variety of personal injury clients in the past and would like to speak with you. Contact our office at (866) 211-2562 to find out how we can assist you.

Note: Outside sources were used in the creation of this post including news bulletins and first-hand accounts of the accident and injuries involved. As a result, the details of the accident presented have not been independently verified by our own writing staff. If you have identified any false information in the story, please inform us immediately, and we will adjust the posting to reflect the most accurate content available.

Disclaimer: As a member of the local community, we at Brady Law Group strive to improve the overall safety and quality of life for everyone who lives in our beloved state. We are extremely saddened by these accidents but hope that, through an awareness of these dangers, those in our community will take precautions to avoid these accidents. This is not a solicitation for business, and this information should not be misconstrued as medical or legal advice. We wish only the best and quickest recovery to all those involved in the accident.

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